Trucking serves as the crucial first or last mile in delivery. At ECX Global Logistics, we recognize that even after traversing vast distances by air or sea, the final mile remains equally significant. Often, it's the most critical, as it offers the opportunity to expedite cargo and meet deadlines.


Less-than-truckload cargo are loose shipments which are not large enough to fill a full truck and therefore are move in consolidation with other cargo. Like air and ocean carriers, we maintain a list of vetted carriers who we trust to transport our customers’ cargo on schedule at competitive prices.


A full truckload is a large, important and expensive shipment to move between points. ECX monitors the performance and safety ratings of our full truckload carriers, continually ensuring that we deliver on our promises of security and timely delivery.

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With offices in multiple cities in key countries such as the USA, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy and Brazil we are capable of moving raw materials or finished goods between suppliers, consolidation points, and customers. In some markets ECX has its own fleet of trucks, ensuring always-available capacity when our customers need it them most.

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Cross Border

Whether between the US and Canada or within the European Union, ECX offers cross border services that speed the goods through Customs and on to their final destination; including bonded trucking services into and out of the United States to avoid paying duty on goods in transit to other countries.

Specialized Equipment

Not everything fits in a trailer. ECX has access to a fleet of equipment that includes drop decks, step decks, low buoys and multi-axle equipment. We can also provide escort service when moving pieces that are over-height and over-dimensional.

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