Sustainability and Social responsibility Policy

ECX Global supports sustainable supply chain initiatives aspart of its social corporate responsibility.Being a non-asset-based organization, we cannot dictate transportation GO GREEN policy on equipment/trucks/aircraft/shipswhich has a large footprint in the global strategy to reduce CO2 carbon emissions. However, wetry to partner with companies that are sustainable and socially responsible.

How is sustainability relevant in logistics operations?

Lowering costs by increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste and pollution, creating safe working environments –supply chain sustainability is high on the agenda of many businesses.

ECX Global understands its outward impact on the economy, environment, and society. By considering environmental impact measures and applying a heightened social awareness, ECX is playing a proactive part in creating sustainable, planet-friendly, economic development.

ECX Global seeks to surpass customer expectations in all areas at the same time as reducing as far as possible its carbon footprint and impact on local environments.


  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the considered use of appropriate fuels and energy sources
  • An active internal Reuse/Recycling program
  • The maximum use of Energy-efficient lighting in all facilities
  • Sustainably sourced materials and packaging
  • Support of local green initiatives

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate Social Responsibility or ‘CSR’ is a management concept that focuses on the integration of social and environmental concerns in a company’s business operations. These are some common examples of activities included in a CSR plan:

  • Energy consumption for heating/cooling/manufacturing/transportation
  • Direct and indirect emissions affecting climate change and public health
  • Water use and management
  • Material use, reuse,and recycling programs
  • Workplace and employee wellness programs
  • Community engagement and philanthropic giving

ECX Global Sustainability and Environmental Policy
ECX recognizes its activities’ impact on the environment. In this respect, the company will strive to ensure that continual environmental performance improvements are achieved and where appropriate and reasonable, it complies with all regulations and legislation.This policy is relevant to all ECX operations globally.

Staff commute

If employees need to be in the office, we encourage use of publictransportation (buses/trains/vanpools) which is the greenest way to commute.

ECX Global use of sustainable products at the office

Our office management teams look for labelling that says it is made from post or pre-consumer waste. Recycled products such as these maintain a circular economy and reduce overall waste. Our 3rd party office cleaning services are requested not to include toxic chemicals, opting instead for natural ingredients that work just as well. Using these products keeps toxic ingredients out of the streams and their waste out of landfills.

Office energy-efficient upgrades

Review and replace ongoing lightingreplacementto LED lights, automate lights with sensors, use smart thermostats and where possible supply staff with laptops instead of desktop PC’s.

ECX Global doing business with green businesses

We have a “check-and-balance”methodology that prefers to utilize outside parties/vendors that embrace the GO GREEN strategy. This is always part of our vendor review for warehousing, trucking, air,and ocean carriersand where possible we will utilize GO GREEN organizations.


Educating employees in our GO GREENstrategyat the office and home to include the waste of running water. Personal hygieneand brushing of teeth, with the water running, wastes 3 gallons of water a dayper person. With a staff globally of 240 this can save wasted water of 265,000 gallons of water per year. If you multiply that by an average family of 4 it exceeds 1.0 million gallons a year not wasted.

Social responsibility

ECX Global has diligently selected Leewood Elementary Mentorship Program forfinancial support and our focus at social responsibility.

This volunteer program provides mentoring activities to students to help them become integrated with other students and help them achieve higher educationalgoals. Through this program, these students learn social skills, develop self-confidence, and will be encouraged to pursue higher education.

This mentoring program provides positive role models for the students.The positives of this program are far-reaching!

In addition, in Spain we support various community organizations like the Monovar Futbol league and the Padel Tennis league.