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Isolation of Ho Chi Minh City begins July 9th for fifteen days.

In order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and the highly dangerous Delta variant, Vietnam’s government is taking steps to reduce contact between people through a new wave of closures.

Ho Chi Minh City is isolating for fifteen days beginning today, July 9th.

The directive does not close workshops and factories, but instead requires employers to ensure safe distance between employees, people are masked and equipment and workplaces are disinfected. People are required to stay home, only going out if absolutely necessary for food shopping, medical treatment, emergencies or to work at factories or other essential businesses.

Transportation into and out of the city is strictly controlled, with people arriving and departing requiring a negative COVID test within three days. Factory employees are being tested every three days and the cost has led some businesses to just close entirely for the fifteen day period.

Vietnam’s country-specific rules for handling a COVID case in the workplace is that if one employee tests positive, the entire building / area / factory is blocked, those with direct contact with the positive employee go into isolation for 14-21 days even if they test negative and everyone else must self-isolate at home for the same time period.

As of today, none of the factories that Euro Cargo Express Group works with on behalf of our customers have had to close.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Vietnam and issue further updates or Eurograms as needed.