Euro Cargo Express, aka ECX Global Logistics, was founded in 1997 by a group of executive-level leaders from within the transportation industry who understood the need to better serve customers seeking to connect their growing global productions to USA. The inception vision was to strategically ensure that the clients’ business requirements are the priority.


ECX is built on providing custom solutions, peace of mind, industry-leading information technology and secure supply chains keeping cargo safe and pilferage from pickup to final destination.


Beginning initially in the United States and Spain with a strong focus on footwear and fashion, ECX today has 25 owned offices, plus a cultivated network of global agents to offer services across a wide variety of industries focusing on B2B clients.


We continue to grow, managing innovative services, by streamlining our systems throughout the world; primarily from:  *Europe, *Asia, *North & South America


In addition to establishing confidence,  we have developed an important volume thus allowing our company to offer aggressive shipping rates with reserved  carrier allotments.


Our client’s satisfaction is achieved by our track record of delivering results. Our customers trust us because we handle our business, and theirs, with integrity.


We credit much of our success to our  Management teams of diversified experience in Logistics.  While our services rely on intelligent programs and leading-edge information technology, it is our people that drive the outstanding achievement of our processes.