We want to share with you some important news about the current situation at the Frankfurt Airport which remains strained and critical due to ongoing strike actions of the Ground Handling Agents. Naturally been that this is such an important connecting airport from all of Europe it adds to the current backlog out of Europe. All shipments via Frankfurt are facing significant delays.

The 2 major Frankfurt Airport Cargo Handlers, LUG and FCS (Fraport), face irregular strikes and cargo is waiting for discharge to be warehoused for many days. Currently, the only unaffected airline is Lufthansa (LH) with its own handling facilities in FRA.

Conciliation talks between all participants already took place during the past weeks. Frankfurt Airport representatives were also involved to implement possible measures for corrective measures to reduce an upcoming backlog at the Airport Frankfurt.

Since solution has not been found yet, the union has called out for a strike. According to the latest information, the cargo handling of Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH and LUG Cargo Handling will be affected. For the time being, further strike actions cannot be precluded.

The high freight volume together with seasonal peaks makes the situation more challenging, therefore major delays in cargo handling is expected.
The ECX Group is continues to find alternative solutions to represent our customers interests in the best way and avoid delays as far as possible.
We will keep you posted of this situation. Feel free to contact us with any questions.