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ECX Newsletter: Volume 44, June 15, 2021

Yantian and surrounding ports the new global pinch point The closure by Chinese authorities at the end of May and the continued slow-walk of full service at the terminals in Yantian, Shekou and Chiwan mean only one thing – the delays at US and European ports have now reached back to origin where hundreds of

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Footwear importers take note and write the USTR and Congress.

FROM CIFFA Daily News and Updates Ocean Updates Breaking News: Longshoremen’s union local 375 gives 72 hour strike notice Economic Recovery Imperilled by Port Labour Dispute, Says CIFFA Updates from Maritime Employers Association and Longshoremen’s Union Ocean Updates Breaking news: Longshoremen’s union local 375 gives 72 hour strike notice. The Longshoremen’s union has given 72

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In Honor of Martin Luther King

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend”. MLK _____ JANUARY 18, 2021 Pride (in the name of Love from U2) One man come in the name of love One man come and go One man come, he to justify One man to overthrow In the name of love What more

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The importance of cargo insurance Since November, four vessels on the transpacific have lost containers during their voyage andhad to divert to a nearby port for a damage assessment and repairs. The thousands ofcontainers lost overboard should serve as a reminder of the importance of cargo insurance. Ifyour company needs a quote for cargo insurance

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FEBRUARY 15, 2021 | VOLUME 36

West Coast congestion update We continue to prioritize these announcements because they are so impactful for ourcustomers in the US and around the world. Last week, the US Coast Guard flew over San PedroBay and captured amazing footage of these ships at anchor awaiting their turn to unload. Somehave been waiting for a week or

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JANUARY 30, 2021 | VOLUME 35

California backlogs leading to blanked sailings. The mess that is the Southern California port complex is now having another cascading effect – blanked sailings. At the start of the pandemic, carriers were voluntarily blanking – or skipping – sailings because of the lack of cargo departing Asia. This time around, the sailings are being blanked

More awards for ECX in Bangkok, Thailand

At the Global Logistics Network annual meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, ECX brought home two more awards for Best of the Best Worldwide and Best operation of the Americas. GLN members represent 536 offices in 310 cities and 125 countries around the world. The organization is comprised of independently owned and operated logistics companies who work

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