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September 17th, 2021

Violent storm flooded underpasses, roads, squares and other areas close to the cargo city in Malpensa, Italy. Late last night many calls to the emergency numbers were placed to request help from people trapped in their cars. The Fire Brigade rescued several people through the use of rescue boats. For a few hours, the Malpensa

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 | VOLUME 50

Two carriers say they’ll stop with spot rates. Too little, too late. Both CMA-CGM and Hapag Lloyd think that they’re doing the shipping community a favor by getting out of the business of issuing spot rates. CMA’s reasoning, and we quote is, because, “The Group is prioritizing its long-term relationship with customers in the face

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September 15th, 2021

Shanghai has been partially affected (latest weather report shows no direct hit) Xiamen is another major city/port in China closing for Covid-19 outbreak Both events will have a severe effect as both hit simultaneously and located in central China regions (its 2 major export ports). Typhoon Chanthu current status Breaking News Xiamen. New Outbreak creates

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AUGUST 31, 2021 | VOLUME 49

White House puts forth Port Envoy for Supply Chain Disruption Task Force Last Friday, the White House nominated a former Obama-era DOT Deputy Secretary and COO as Port Envoy responsible for port, terminal and intermodal problems currently plaguing supply chains. The good news is that his background includes not just one, but two stints as

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TODAY WE CAUGHT SCAMMERS IN THE ATTACK We have been warning you of a possible SCAM that was the result of spoofing thus compromising some information details. They have tried to attack some of our customers and vendors today. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD AND DISREGARD ANY EMAIL WHATSOEVER INDICATING TO THE CONTRARY.

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This is a reminder of a previous communication sent. Please be alerted that our account has been compromised through Spoofing and you might receive an email indicating that our banking information has been changed, which would be fake. We will NEVER communicate changes regarding our bank account(s) via email. In the event of any change

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