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August 13th, 2021

Asia Ports/Airport situation update- China ports disruptions

The situation remains serious as capacity is still lagging behind the demands, delay on ETD, port congestion and imbalance of equipment is affecting all the major Chinese ports.
GRI 15 AUG implemented
Congestion Surcharge postponed to 19 AUG.
Surcharge on WC and IPI effective from 15 SEP.
ZIM Congestion surcharge in USWC

Central China: New Covid-19 outbreak (Nanjing).
08/11- Ningbo closed terminals.
Many carriers are now re-routing ex Shanghai/ other ports.
This will cause possible port congestion with difficulties in finding truckers and empty containers due to imbalance in the market.
Central China: New Covid-19 outbreak (Nanjing).
Due to the new Covid-19 outbreak, authorities have dramatically tightened travel restrictions as they seek to control new outbreaks.
This means many internal flights have been canceled, creating a sudden shortage in the market.
We expect rates and space to increase in the coming days as airlines will have to re-adjust their loading plans/capacity.

Ho Chi Minh:
Lockdown measures are about to expire on 15th Aug.

According to the news received, HCM authorities are planning to extend again the measures for another 2 weeks.
Pending official notice.
Extremely strict restrictions have been implemented on movements of people and now extended until 23rd Aug.
We expect an increase in demands of space ahead of 02-05 SEP (Vietnam national holidays) closure.
There is a growing concern about the shortage of containers in the coming weeks due to a combination of disrupted sailing schedules, trucking delays, and factory closures.
Difficulties in finding truck drivers are having a negative impact on the already disrupted logistics flow.
Ho Chi Minh:
Currently, the market is slow as most of the factories are closed.
It is hard to make any prediction, but we expect a sharp increase in rates when lockdown is lifted as shippers might need to switch their goods to air.
Movement in/out airports remains congested as many steps and inspections.
Space is getting very tight as demand keeps growing.
No flight cancellation/ suspension at the moment.

We expect an increase in demands of space ahead of 02-05 SEP (Vietnam national holidays) closure.
Inspection of travel permits as well as testing of each driver with negative results for Covid-19 has caused serious traffic jams at the gateways between provinces and cities.

The situation at the transit hubs remains congested and carriers are limiting allocation/ booking release.
Capacity ex Cambodia is limited and airlines only operate small aircraft connecting to bigger airports.
The offer and space is interconnected with other country’s market conditions.
We will continue to follow up and keep you aware of this situation.