Just as a passenger flying between two points has many choices, so too does air cargo. Not all air cargo services are identical, and at ECX Global Logistics we help you choose what is right for your shipment.


ECX Global Logistics are TSA-registered Indirect Air Carriers and Security Regulated Agents.


Global relationships with carriers allows ECX to choose any combination of routings between two global points. Whether a nonstop, a direct or a connecting service, ECX Global Logistics works to match the rates and service your cargo requires.


With regularly scheduled shipments between our offices, take advantage of ECX Global’s routings with lower rates and confirmed space.


When time is of the essence, ask ECX Global Logistics how to speed your air cargo through the supply chain. We offer premium accelerated services around the world through several of our air carrier partners.


As a global freight forwarder operating in five of the world’s largest trading countries, ECX understands that space and availability can be tight during peak seasons. You can have the assurance that your freight will not be left behind thanks to our regularly scheduled allotments with select partner airlines.